Tech News This Week – Ouya, Apple, Xbox One, and more

  • OUYA


    Ouya video game console goes on sale this week for a modest $99 along with a free-to-try library of about 150 games. Crowdfunded and built on the Android platform, the Ouya is meant to really change the way games are developed and marketed. Easy to set-up and fun to play with intuitive controls and a tiny cube console, statements from the company state that although this will definitely compete for your attention in the upcoming months as Xbox One and PS4 ramp up marketing efforts for the holidays, founder Julie Uhrman formerly on IGN says that this “customizable, hackable” console should act as a companion or secondary system for gamers who already have “commitments” to the other major consoles. The Ouya features an open eco-system which will definitely create a platform big name and independent developers alike to test the waters with perhaps more experimental titles. The Ouya will come with acces to Flixster and radio service TuneIn, giving this tiny console entree into being your living room entertainment hub perhaps competing against Apple TV and making a play for Xbox One’s entertainment system play. Check out the full article on the Reuters site: Ouya’s $99 videogame console challenges pricier Xbox, PlayStation

    Also set to release this year are Nvidia’s Shield, recently lowered to $299 and BlueStacks’ GamePop which will but run Android games.


    Apple stocks take a tumble. This morning Apple  stock traded below the $400 mark, the lowest it’s been since it hit all time high of $705 per share after the release of the iPhone 5. This slight dip may reflect an investor perception that Apple does not have a breakthrough product up its virtual sleeve, despite the MacPro announcement at the WWDC. Right now we’re in a wait-and-see moment, but more news about the iPhone 5S and iPodTouch and new iPads may quiet the doubters. See the full article on Mashable: Apple Stock Falls Back Below $400

    Xbox One Games UFC


    Amid torrents of negative press around the restrictions that Microsoft was imposing on its customers who buy games for the recently announced Xbox One, the company made a rare “apology” of sorts. Gone are the restrictions on reselling used games, sharing games with friends, and regional locks. Also gone is the necessity for a customer’s Xbox One to always be connected. Here’s the retraction on the Xbox One blog: Your Feedback Matter

    Hopefully that news will let customers get back to comparing what they get vs. what they don’t get when purchasing and Xbox One.

    Check out our selection, watch the demos, and see what’s next for Xbox One products and video games: Xbox One on

E3 2013 Day 1 Expo Conference Center Pics

E3 2013 Day 1 delivered an astounding volume of information about upcoming video games and the treasures each one brought to the table. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are more than a few thousand words about the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

E3 Expo Day 1 Images 2

I’m not afraid of clowns. This one sort of made me laugh because he wasn’t that scary. Payday2 was the name of the game.


E3 Expo Day 1 Images 3 Pay Day

E3 Expo Day 1 Images 3 Pay Day 2

GameCenter’s Josh hamming it up with the Microsoft Xbox One Forza team


E3 Expo Day 1 Images - GameCenter interviews 1

GameCentergets the interviews…


 E3 Expo Day 1 Images - GameCenter interviews 2

Who says Sony isn’t committed to family gaming?! You wanna take it outside?


E3 Expo Day 1 Images Sony Family Gaming - Disney 2

I was trying to get this guys picture all day at E3. Finally caught after he missed the picture with his team.

E3 Expo Day 1 Images mohawk

Displays at E3 are absolutely amazing…

E3 Expo Day 1 Images spirit warrior

E3 Expo Day 1 Images Wolfenstein

Before you go, check out all the video game preorders that were announced at E3 and how you can them as soon as they are released: Walmart Video Game Preorders

E3 2013 Day 1 Expo Conference Center Pics part 2

More exciting pictures from day 1 of what appears to be the largest video game expo on earth, E3.

Nintendo promised to keep us busy with a regular release schedule of predominantly family games. Every other software develop made no such promise. E3 was filled to overflowing with an endless supply of over-the-top displays ranging from cute and charming to graphic and full of zombies. What you see here has been cleaned up and vetted to keep it safe-for-all (Well for most. Some people just don’t like video games.).  Can you dig it?

Sony PS3 does family gaming like the best of them: Cloudberry Kingdom


E3 Expo Day 1 Images Sony Family Gaming - Cloudberry Kingdom

Sony PS3’s LEGO / Marvel

E3 Expo Day 1 Images Sony Family Gaming - LEGO Marvel

Gran Tourismo Drivers must be… focused!

E3 Expo Day 1 Images Sony Family Gaming - Gran Tourismo

Puppeteer was ominous but cute. Dark but somehow sweet… like Johnny Depp or Tim Burton.

E3 Expo Day 1 Images Sony Family Gaming - Puppeteer

E3 Expo Day 1 Images Sony Family Gaming - Puppeteer 3

The Madden franchise continues to look amazing on Sony PS3. Can’t wait to see what the PS4 can do with it.

E3 Expo Day 1 Images Sony Family Gaming - Madden 25

Once we pulled ourselves away from Xbox One and Sony PS4 gawking, we were able to see the true character of the show.

PC gaming and online gaming was far from dead. There was a new mantra going around and it looked like this:

E3 Expo Day 1 Images - Free to Play

Speaking of free, there was lots of interesting schwag to be had. In particular, this crown was everywhere despite being ill-fitted and made of foam.

E3 Expo Day 1 Images - foam crown 1

The game was called Dragon’s Crown and the designer was coming to sign posters. This was not him.

E3 Expo Day 1 Images - foam crown 2 title

Disney’s Infinity set up a modest booth that was swarmed even on the first day…


E3 Expo Day 1 Images Family Gaming - Disney Infinity

More pictures to come from E3 Expo day 1 and day 2…

E3 2013 Sony Playstation 4 – The basic rundown

final fantasy 1


PS3 not dead and will be majorly support and the PS vita is reborn with tons of classics reimagined

PS Vita is made to be the perfect companion

Speaking to the epic title Last of Us

Lots of accolades for this title

Exclusive content also coming.


Warner Brothers games

Arkham Origins debuts this fall

Who will kill the Batman for the bounty that Black Mask has put on his head

Exclusive content available on PS3

Nightfall content


Rockstar Games no gameplay shown


Exclusive titles and bundle

$299 – Sept 17th

GTA V Headset

Only on PS3


Andrew House on stage – The console is revealed

PS4 is sleek clean and simple on the outside.

Kind of looks like a small suitcase. Not spectacular but still quite nice.

Commitment to entertainment

Michael Litton on stage

Nextgen curated for gamers on the Playstation network

Leveraging full network to support the PS4

Gamer oriented TV – seems limiting

Sony pictures really behind PS4

Unique original content from Netflix

Netflix and soon Redbox

Live sporting events

Flixster partnership

Another exclusive launched

The Order 1886

Santa Monica on the PS4

Ready at Dawn developed



Killzone: Shadow fall demo

Drive club demo

Infamous Second Son: thriller with what appears to be psychokinetic powers – kinda awesome

Something for the kids


infamous second son


New Dark Sorcerer

Super Giant Games on stage

Transistor is the title

Sony also loves independent Game Developers

New titles this year:

Don’t starve

Mercenary Kings


Rays Dead

Oddworld: New and Tasty

Galak-Z – open world space shooter

Debuting on PS4


Diablo 3 being released with exclusive content

Square Enix takes the stage

Final Fantasy 15

Disney Kingdom hearts in develop (3)

Final Fantasy 14 Exclusive content on PS3 and 4

Watchdogs demo


Nice crisp gameplay


1 hour of extended gameplay only on PS4

Time for sports

2K Games – two LeBrons on screen: one real , one digital

2K14 NBA

The Elder Scrolls – Online

Bethesda Softworks

Street date Spring 2014

First on PS4

World premiere

Dead body in the desert?

Mad max!!!


Road Warrior survival kit only available on PS4

BIG NEWS – PS4 supports used games – roars from the crowd!!!

You own your game

Do what you want with it

Gloves are off

Xbox One slaps are everywhere

Don’t need to be connected

Build the best gaming network

Play as being loading


Playstation benefits carried across platforms

IGC – Instant Game Collection

World premiere of Destiny

On stage gameplay

Multiplayer action

Joined public event


Bungee and Activision

Cloud service 2014

Technology for streaming

$399 dollars beats out the Xbox One – Slap!

This holiday

Touting trust and customer ownership

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WWDC Wow! New MacPro, iOS 7, OS X Mavericks

Announced Monday at the WWDC

You know you’re in the right place when Al Gore is mingling. I was not there. He was. Doh!

While we were paying close attention the PS4 vs. Xbox One, Tim Cook was not so quietly stepping into the shoes of his predecessor and filling them quite nicely with a very big announcement at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).
MacPro image

image courtesy of iLounge

1. New Mac Pro design

It’s like your own mini nuclear reactor. Amazing looking but possibly inconvenient shape. Check out the specs over at iLounge.

2. iRadio

Watch out Pandora. Apple’s coming out swinging. I hoping the intelligence understands MY needs a little better.

3. iOS 7

Jonny Ive begins the flattening of your icons right here. Easier to view, more interactive and a tad familiar. Check out the Mashable comparison here.

4. OS X 10.9 Mavericks

OSX Mavericks
image courtesy of iLounge

No more kitty. Oddly timed since cats are so popular right now. Better Finder (yay, tabs and multiple screens!), better battery life (we love efficiency), better Safari (it might be home page worthy.), iCloud Keychain (all my secrets in the iCloud, oh my.), iBooks & Maps (ok, thanks)

More details coming about Apple’s game-changing game day announcement. Less about how it stole some of the fire from competitor Microsoft who had an important announcement at the same time about the Xbox One.

Check out some of our most popular Apple Products here: Apple iPads

E3 2013 Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo Announce new games for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

For now, holiday, and 2014, Nintendo delivers a notable lineup of family friendly titles. Here are notable excepts and images from the press conference that was held on June 11 at the start of E3.

.Check out the post below and check out our preorders and current titles from Nintendo here:Everything Nintendo

New Mario Kart

 mario cart racing wario

Anti gravity play


New Super Smash Bros – new characters

smash bros 600

Connect your Wii U and 3DS – coming in 2014


 Wii Fit U

workout everywhere

Wii fit meter

December 2013

wii U fit bit

Super Mario 3D world

Princess peach has new powers

Mario as a cat power up. Meow!

Who doesn’t love cats

December release

mario 3d cat
Focus on content – look for expanded content


Wii U lineup

Game & Wario – June 23

Super Luigi U – digital download available – June 20 / August 25 full game available

Pikmin 3 – comamand an army

Cute and dangerously addictive – August 4th


Nintendo Exclusive

Platinum Games

Wonder-Eyes red!

Light Green Lantern for kids in rainbow colors

Wonderful 101



Legend of Zelda – the windwaker HD

Mii verse integration

October 2013 available

zelda image


Sports time…

Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Social updates to leaderboards from around the world

November release


Wii Party U

Use of gamepad

Combo of gamepad and controller

Fun for family settings

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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze


companion play

hypercute and realistic play

November release

donkey kong country

Nintendo to make announcement in this mornings press conference.

Conference hall relatively empty compared to yesterday’s announcements…

Scott Moffitt takes the stage

Speaking to satisfying what the consumers are asking for

Gamers, and kids, and family games promised

August and December are key dates

Regular cadence

Did he same Gameboy?

Software focused
eShop and Video touted as heroes

Super Mario 3DLand and Mario Kart are top and key to customer satisfaction

Super Mario Bros 2, Mario Kart, Luigi, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Pokemon added

New Software about to be announced for Wii U / 3DS XL

Kevin Wilson – VP Sales NA

3DS – Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion

3DSXL keeps coming up…

Speaking to the nature of portable gaming iPhone / touch vs. N3DS

N3DS still strong due to software

Luigi is “man of the year”

Mario Luigi Dream Team – Luigi with more Swagger!

August 11

Pokemon X and Y – October 12

New Pokemons, new features

pokemon characters

Really cute and sweet compared to yesterday…

Pokemon Mii – play with you Pokemon like a pet

Zelda – a link between worlds

– 2d and 3d – flat Zelda – November

zelda logo

Mario Party – 81 different miniworlds – November

Yoshi is back for 2014 – Yoshi’s New Island – use of gyro use, bigger eggs

Steve Singer takes the stage – Licensing / 3rd party developers

Tons of new titles for 3DS and Wii  U

Scribblenauts meets DC Universe

scribblenauts and DC

Skylanders Swap force

Just Dance – Wii U for Holiday

Rayman Legends

Splinter Cell – Use of second screen

Disney Infinity

Sonic Lost World