SXSW: What’s going on with Lady Gaga ImageThink and Mark Cuban


Sadly, we’re not at SXSW this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you navigate the news to know from beautiful Austin, TX.

SXSW Interactive is ripe with amazing panel discussions including chats with Mark Cuban , Neil deGrasse Tyson (get into the new Cosmos!), Lady Gaga keynote address), and Li’l Wayne (the man knows music). To document these events, a unique agency was brought in (again) to give those who love pretty pictures vs. flowery speech some insight on the discussions. In the same way I love video (well not quite the same), I’m loving ImageThink, the official illustrated recorder of the panel discussion at SXSW. Do they draw while the panel discussion is in progress? Yes. Do they generally get the gist of the discussions? Pretty much. Wouldn’t it be cool to have them help you explain, “where the file went” and how to get it back to you 65 year-old, techno-phobic aunt? Definitely. Check out their work below. Continue reading

CES: MakerBot saves 3D Printing

photo 2

MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis gave his version of the Steve Jobs treatment to his announcement of 3 new 3-D printers, or as they are called, replicators: the MakerBot Replicator Mini, an updated Replicator, now in its 5th generation, and rather large and spectacular Replicator Z18. You can see some of the images below so you can understand the relative size of the machines.

IMG_0381photo 1





The Z18 which has a build volume of 12x12x18 inches and a cost that approaches $7000 is squarely aimed at Continue reading

CES: EduLock rewards your children with screen time

Edulock app makes you kid work for screen time

Every parent is guilty. Sure there are one or two of you can manage to keep your kids off the iPad, tablet, or smartphone AND make dinner, get the kids to do their homework, clean their own room, and get them in bed by 8pm (or earlier). We, the bad parents of America call you, saints and very, very lucky. For the rest of us, a little screen time with Johnny’s favorite episode of Umi Zumi or a little Good Luck Charlie for your pre-teen keeps them occupied just long enough for you to get a head start on dinner and get the third in the bathtub. And yes, we all feel guilty, at least a little for using “evil” media time as the babysitter. Well, guilt be gone! Edulock has created the antidote for controlling screen time. Continue reading

CES is 2 days away. Are you ready?

CES in Las Vegas

Consumer Electronics Show
runs January 6-10, 2014

Holy mackerel. I’m definitely not ready. But ready or not CES 2014 is about to launch with a flurry, nay, a blizzard of new technology, new gadgets, and new inspiration. Some may say that this electronics trade show is too close to the holidays and we should all be ashamed with ourselves for what could be seen as a continual push to sell more stuff. But we here at Geeks+Gadgets see CES as a refreshing look towards to the future and hope for narrowing the gap between where we are today with HDTVs, streaming devices, and tablet PC in a large portion of our homes (sometimes even two of each) and where I personally thought we would be. Ahem, jet pack please.

Here’s a quick run down of the top trends we’re expecting and hoping to see at CES 2014:

1. Gesture control – Leap Motion already did a great job introducing this technology to the world and our friends at Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have done a superb job at making gesture control a part of our holiday (and beyond) home activities. Continue reading