Why buy wearable technology for kids?

With wearables becoming one of tech’s top trends, it was only a matter of time before businesses addressed a much younger demographic. But are these wearables the real deal or are they just gimmicks? The technology is still too new to give a definitive answer, but the products coming out look legit. See for yourself…

LeapFrog LeapBand (available August 2014)LeapBandBlogPic
A trusted maker of kids’ electronics, LeapFrog’s LeapBand is wrist-wearable and designed for children ages 4-7. It helps keep kids moving by giving commands like “wiggle like a worm” or Continue reading

Smart apps prevent smartphone distractions while you drive

1.4 million cell phone-related car accidents each year, with around 200,000 of those involving texting and driving. And those metrics will undoubtedly rise with the rapidly growing number of smart device users. Let that sink in for a moment. Now think about what you can do to help avoid an unnecessary accident.Smart apps to stop texting and driving

What better time to take action than during April’s National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. How can you help, you ask? First and foremost, don’t be dumb and use your smartphone to text, play games or mess around with apps while navigating the road. However, emerging apps and technology are aiming to keep drivers from being distracted. Continue reading