Smart apps prevent smartphone distractions while you drive

1.4 million cell phone-related car accidents each year, with around 200,000 of those involving texting and driving. And those metrics will undoubtedly rise with the rapidly growing number of smart device users. Let that sink in for a moment. Now think about what you can do to help avoid an unnecessary accident.Smart apps to stop texting and driving

What better time to take action than during April’s National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. How can you help, you ask? First and foremost, don’t be dumb and use your smartphone to text, play games or mess around with apps while navigating the road. However, emerging apps and technology are aiming to keep drivers from being distracted. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 things you need to know

samsung image in h2o
Samsung’s popular Galaxy smartphone is about to get smarter. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S5 is easily one of the most anticipated smartphone releases of the year. But, what’s smarter about it, and why should you upgrade? Here are five reasons that may sway your decision.

1. Snappy new camera features
If you love taking quality photos but don’t love lugging around a second camera, give the Galaxy S5 a go. The large 5.1″ screen is ideal for framing and snapping pics. Plus, the S5 boasts some cool new features like a 16MP back camera (up from the S4’s 13MP cam); laser-fast autofocus for taking shots in a flash; and an upgraded HDR mode, which snaps multiple exposures of the same scene to create a brighter, more realistic image and overall dramatic effect. Continue reading

What’s Next Tech: New Smartphones for fall 2013

The changing of the leaves and the shortening of the days means fall is here. And what better way to celebrate the passing of autumnal equinox than will new smartphones. The major phone brands have released their latest handsets and there are so many new smartphones to choose. Which one could be right for you? We take a look at six of the best or at least, the most well-known, names in the wireless business and what their new smartphones have to offer.

iphone 5 C

Apple iPhone 5C

Based on the same great design and tested tech as last year’s iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C comes in five gorgeous candy colors. The iPhone 5C is a little more affordable than the iPhone 5S too. Continue reading