Tablets: Low Cost High Function Tablets Begin Rolling Onto the Market

Hisense TVs

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More than likely you’ve never actively looked for the brand HiSense. That’s about to change. Starting in the next few days, you’ll start to see low priced tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices start to hit stores, Walmart stores to be exact. In the case of tablet PCs, you’ll start to see prices hovering around that sweet spot of $99 for the basic tablet and $199 for the “high-end” model. Leading the charge of this low cost cavalry is HiSense, a 40-year old, Chinese, consumer electronics company. Already the leading manufacturer of panel TVs in China, the company is poised to take on giants like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Vizio, going spec for spec in the flat-panel TV, laptop, and now, the tablet markets.

Launching this week will be the Sero 7 Pro tablet, priced at $149, and the Sero 7 Lt priced at $99. Both tablets are meant in no small way to steal market share from the 7″ tablet heavyweights, Amazon, Samsung, Google, ASUS and HP.

The Sero 7 Pro features 1.3 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, a 1280 x 800 high-definition touchscreen display  with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory storage. Standard fare includes dual cameras: 5.0 mp rear-facing and 2.0 mp front-facing, Bluetooth-enabled,  the Sero 7 Pro includes near-field communications technology (NFC) and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

The slightly less competitive but nicely priced Sero 7 Lt sports a 1.6GHz dual-core processor, comes with 1GB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory storage, and a 0.3 MP front facing camera. It runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Both the Sero Pro and the Sero 7 LT feature a microSD card expansion and mini HDMI out.

Though not the cheapest of the low-cost tablets, the HiSense heritage may help lend a little credibility to what looks to be a crowded market. See the tablets in store and online here.

In the meantime, shop the low prices and greater selection of tablets at Walmart.


Xbox One: Frequently Asked Questions

Xbox One FAQ WM1

Xbox One: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since the big Xbox Reveal on Tuesday, there have been more than a few questions floating around. Hopefully this little FAQ can help answer them.

Q:    Does Xbox One require an “always on” Internet connection?
A:    No, it does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet. We’re designing Xbox One to be your all-in-one entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and always ready. We are also designing it so you can play games and watch Blu-ray movies and live TV if you lose your connection.

Q:    How do consumers benefit by being connected to the cloud?
A:    The cloud makes every experience better and more accessible.  Because Xbox One is powered by the cloud:

– Your games have more power available to create new gameplay, persistent worlds, and deeper experiences.

– Your system and games can update automatically, so you shouldn’t have to wait for downloads or updates.

– Your games and entertainment are stored and saved in the cloud, so you can access them anytime, from any Xbox One.* Start a game, movie, or TV show on one console and finish exactly where you left off on another.

– You can play multiplayer games with your friends, stream movies or TV shows right away, and enjoy the community and social features of Xbox Live.

– Xbox One can recognize you, log you in and tailor your home screen just for you.

– You can discover what your friends are playing, watching and listening to if they choose to share.

These are just a few examples of how customers benefit from our platform being connected to the Internet. It brings the future of TV and games to our consumers—and it’s designed for today and the next generation

* Subject to content geographical restrictions.

Q:    When will Xbox One launch and in what markets?
A:    Xbox One will launch in markets around the world later this year. We’ll have more to share later.

Q:    Can I use my current gamertag on Xbox One and will my Gamerscore and Achievements transfer?
A:    Yes. Your current Xbox Live Gamertag will stay with you on Xbox One if you choose to keep it, and your hard-earned Gamerscore and Achievements will indeed carry over from Xbox 360.

Q:    Will Xbox One be backward compatible with my existing games?
A:    Xbox One hardware is not compatible with Xbox 360 games. We designed Xbox One to play an entirely new generation of games—games that are architected to take full advantage of state-of-the-art processors and the infinite power of the cloud. We care very much about the investment you have made in Xbox 360 and will continue to support it with a pipeline of new games and new apps well into the future.

Q:    Will Xbox One allow players to trade in, purchase and play pre-owned games?
A:    We are designing Xbox One to enable customers to trade in and resell games. We’ll have more details to share later.

Q:    Will my current Xbox Live Gold membership work with Xbox One or will I have to buy a new one?
A:    You do not need to buy a new Xbox Live Gold membership. Your current membership will work on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Q:   Why require Kinect with every Xbox One?
A:    The all new Kinect is now an essential and integrated part of the platform.  By having it as a consistent part of every Xbox One, game and entertainment creators can build experiences that assume the availability of voice, gesture and natural sensing, leading to unrivaled ease of use, premium experiences and interactivity for you.
Q:    Do I need to have a specific cable or satellite TV provider to watch live TV on Xbox One?
A:    Our goal is to enable live TV through Xbox One in every way that it is delivered throughout the world, whether that’s television service providers, over the air or over the Internet, or HDMI-in via a set top box (as is the case with many providers in the US). The delivery of TV is complex and we are working through the many technologies and policies around the world to make live TV available where Xbox One is available.

Q:    Xbox One is a more powerful product compared to Xbox 360, but does it also use more power?
A:    No. By providing multiple power states in Xbox One, we’ve balanced energy efficiency with functionality. We’ve taken a completely different approach to how Xbox One consumes power. It only uses the power it needs at that particular moment for the task at hand.

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Xbox One: Images and Halo TV


Halo TV - LA Times

Halo TV Image Courtesy of LA Times
Xbox One Halo Bonnie

Today Microsoft took a giant step in the direction of being your entertainment hub. With the announcement of the Xbox One, Microsoft is betting you’re ready to give up your cable box, throw away your telephone land line, and buy into what was possibly termed a video game console in the past but is surely not one now. Nancy Tellem, President of Entertainment and Digital Media at Xbox joined major players from Xbox including SVP Yusef Medhi and top game developers of franchises ranging from Forza to Call of Duty to announce the next level of armchair entertainment. With better recognition skills, the new Xbox One encourages voice and gesture commands to control main screen and second screen entertainment multitasking.

As part of the gaming / entertainment strategy, Microsoft announced that they will be launching 15 exclusive titles and 8 new game franchises in the coming year. Equally exciting and ambitious is a new partnership with 343 Industries that includes a Halo TV series co-created by Steven Spielberg, who delivered a video message for the event.

More details to come at the E3 press conference on June 10th.

Halo TV - Spielberg

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Exclusive launch on Xbox one first

Call of Duty:Ghosts launches this fall on Xbox One first. Taking advantage of Xbox One’s capabilities, the new title in this amazing franchise looks beyond realistic and adds unheard-of levels of dynamic game-play. Check out screen shots from behind-the-scenes. in addition to controlling your own actions, our hero has a trusty companion dog who goes to great lengths to keep you safe from harm. Already available for preorder on the Xbox 360, this installment of the franchise is sure to be a favorite of gamers looking to test the limits of the Xbox One gameplay.

Call of Duty

xbox One: Dog duty


Xbox One: Hand Detail


Xbox One: EA Sports steps in the ring first

Xbox One Games NFL


In its landmark Xbox One announcement today, Microsoft celebrated its partnership with EA Sports by announcing that it would be launching 3 familiar but enhanced franchises on the Xbox One platform and 1 relatively new franchise, all coming within the next 12 months. Andrew Wilson from EA Sports confirmed that FIFA, MaddenNBA, and the relatively new UFC games had been developed using the new EA Sports Ignite game engine. Speed and agility, strategy and intelligence, and continuous dynamic changes in game all make up what appeared to be extremely realistic and responsive game-play.

Appearing to help announce their respective insights on why EA Sports Ignite intelligence would in fact be a game-changer were:

Jon Jones UFC
Robert Griffen III, NFL
Lionel Messi, FIFA
Kyrie Irving, NBA
Anthiny Pettis, UFC

Each player emphasized the nimbleness and agility and decision-making abilities of onscreen play.

The big news that may change the way the new Xbox One is received internationally is that the new FIFA would be exclusive to the platform.

More to come at E3 in June. Sign up for email updates until then.

Xbox One Games UFC

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