Why buy wearable technology for kids?

With wearables becoming one of tech’s top trends, it was only a matter of time before businesses addressed a much younger demographic. But are these wearables the real deal or are they just gimmicks? The technology is still too new to give a definitive answer, but the products coming out look legit. See for yourself…

LeapFrog LeapBand (available August 2014)LeapBandBlogPic
A trusted maker of kids’ electronics, LeapFrog’s LeapBand is wrist-wearable and designed for children ages 4-7. It helps keep kids moving by giving commands like “wiggle like a worm” or Continue reading

SXSW: What’s going on with Lady Gaga ImageThink and Mark Cuban


Sadly, we’re not at SXSW this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you navigate the news to know from beautiful Austin, TX.

SXSW Interactive is ripe with amazing panel discussions including chats with Mark Cuban , Neil deGrasse Tyson (get into the new Cosmos!), Lady Gaga keynote address), and Li’l Wayne (the man knows music). To document these events, a unique agency was brought in (again) to give those who love pretty pictures vs. flowery speech some insight on the discussions. In the same way I love video (well not quite the same), I’m loving ImageThink, the official illustrated recorder of the panel discussion at SXSW. Do they draw while the panel discussion is in progress? Yes. Do they generally get the gist of the discussions? Pretty much. Wouldn’t it be cool to have them help you explain, “where the file went” and how to get it back to you 65 year-old, techno-phobic aunt? Definitely. Check out their work below. Continue reading

CES: Wearables roundup


LG’s Life Band Touch

When thinking of wearables you might start by realizing there’s more than a few types of wearable technology categories and applications. Fitness, computing, communication, and medical are a few that warrant further discussion. This post will focus on fitness wearables, but we’ll get into the others soon enough. Here are just a few examples of the vast array of technology you’ll be wearing as soon as next month.

Continue reading

CES: EduLock rewards your children with screen time

Edulock app makes you kid work for screen time

Every parent is guilty. Sure there are one or two of you can manage to keep your kids off the iPad, tablet, or smartphone AND make dinner, get the kids to do their homework, clean their own room, and get them in bed by 8pm (or earlier). We, the bad parents of America call you, saints and very, very lucky. For the rest of us, a little screen time with Johnny’s favorite episode of Umi Zumi or a little Good Luck Charlie for your pre-teen keeps them occupied just long enough for you to get a head start on dinner and get the third in the bathtub. And yes, we all feel guilty, at least a little for using “evil” media time as the babysitter. Well, guilt be gone! Edulock has created the antidote for controlling screen time. Continue reading

CES Press Day: LG’s Smart home, Safe home, Connected home

LG Connected Home

Whew! What a day for new(ish) technology. We all knew connected home would be an even bigger deal this year, but LG started off press day with a rather interesting take on the Connected Home, calling it the Smart Home.

Beyond just being connected to your every iPhone or Android command, the Smart Home is a living, learning, responding and reacting environment. It notices you as you walk by. It knows you by name and recommends programming, sets lighting, tells you if you need more eggs. We saw a little of this technology Continue reading

CES is 1 day away: What about wearables?

There’s no denying the buzz around this year’s Consumer Electronics Show but with so many topics being discussed, which are the one’s that are going to make the most impact on your 2014. Here are a few insights into what we think will touch your lives the most and will, hopefully, touch your wallet a little less.


Wearables – From Google Glass to the Samsung Smart Gear to the more modest Fitbit Flex, you and your computer/tablet/smartphone are now closer than ever. Continue reading

CES 2013 Day 3 Review: Fit and Fun

Fitness: Fit for all

Fitbit made a biggish announcement today regarding a new online software package. Already pretty well known as the (arguably) more social and family-friendly version of the Nike Fuelband, the Fitbit uses a tiny sensor to track any kind of movement you do throughout the day. The kicker is that you can track it in conjunction with family and friends, giving you the opportunity to challenge, encourage, and taunt each other into becoming a little more active each day. The new software, announced on the heels of the new Flex wireless activity and sleep band release, is app for select Android smartphones that support Bluetooth 4.0 like the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II. Already available for the iPhone, this new app potentially adds over 400 million customers and makes the FitBit less of a premium product for only those who can afford an iPhone.

fit bit 1 fit bit 2

Headphones: Put a bow on it.

More celebrity-backed headphones released today with both Tim Tebow’s athlete and Jet-set targeted headphones under Ludacris’ Soul Headphones branding and Bill Clinton’s Snooki’s hair bow-accented headphones under the Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi from iHip. Monster Cable released a statement saying that they had a similar headphone look on the way. (Courtesy of Mashable)


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